Monday, March 16, 2015

Make Money By Hosting Online Forums

Earning some good amount of dollar from your very own home is a great opportunity to anybody. 
You can even build a real live website with the free trial and it will work for the ten days, then it will stop working unless someone (i.e. the person who created it) "buys" it. There is also the option to ahve a custom designed website.

If you decide to join the affiliate program (it is totally free and you can quit anytime), first write down your affiliate ID number and do not loose it, next enter your computer generated affiliate ID number provided on the screen into the right box on the form below, along with your name ,etc, and send it in. Now you are registered as one of the "affiliates", which mostly means that now they know who to mail the check to if someone you send to the site buys a website from them.

You can also make up fliers or cheap business cards and had them out (just don't make too many at once and don't spend a lot of money on it, just try a few at a time and see if they work before making more.) This is supposed to be an investment free type of article!

No matter what method you use to tell people about the website, and the fact that they can "quickly and easily create their own website in minutes (with optional online store) (or have it custom designed for them)", be sure to include your unique affiliate ID number in the hyperlink, or else the company will not know that you sent those people, and it will not be able to pay you if they buy anything.

By the way I may not have mentioned it, but you can also make money by having other people become affiliates, as long as they generate sales, or the next level of people the get to joint the affiliate program make sales.