Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Algorithm To Make Online Currency As Trustworthy As Cash

The Shops service provides an online shop where you can, design, manage, and sell your own branded merchandise on your website. If you already have an audience, this is the pick for you!

For more valuable items, it could be worth going to an auction. Jonty Hearnden, antiques expert and presenter of BBC 1's Cash in the Attic and Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting, says you should contact a local auctioneer if you think an item could be valuable.

Many of us have an old mobile phone gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, but you could easily turn it into cash , even if it is slightly damaged. Websites such as , and will tell you how much your phone is worth. An iPhone 3G, for example, could fetch around £130.

If you're longing for some retail therapy but can't afford to hit the shops, why not earn a few pounds as a mystery shopper? Websites such as employ mystery shoppers to drop in unannounced in shops and restaurants and rate their experience.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Way To Make Money On YouTube Is In The Cards

Do you want to make money blogging? If you do - you're not alone. More and more bloggers are finding that blogging is a profitable medium. Whether it be to earn a few extra dollars a week to feed their coffee habit, or making enough money to stop them having to get a part time job to get through college, or whether they've got it to a point where they are able to make a full time living from their blogging - there are tens of thousands of bloggers who make money blogging.

In this page I want to share some information for beginners on how to make money blogging. For a very quick and broad visual intro - check out this Make Money Blogging MindMap which visualizes just SOME of the ways bloggers make money blogging.

How To Make Money Expert

Why do so many personal finance sites focus on spending LESS instead of making MORE? Sure, managing your spending is important, but too many people get tunnel vision on cutting costs.

I read your blog (for the most part) daily. We have many friends in common, so I saw your blog from them, and I have to say, you have helped me desire to make money doing something that I love, while getting to stay home with my kids.

One thing I will mention that was omitted though few people may be aware of it, if choosing a domain name then do not go to any registrar to check if it is available and then go away to think about it, chances are it will be gone since there are sniffers out there that will register and charge you heavily to get it in the future. Godaddy is notorious for this therefore if you type the name in be prepare to buy it then and there without hesitation.

A tip would be that if you absolutely had to be curious then to do a bulk search of your domains with completely random mish-mashes of domains (100+) for each one scattered all over the place, so that if they wanted to buy your one ‘valuable' domain they would have to search through them all.

Bargain-hunt at yard and thrift sales. If you have a bit of knowledge in a particular area (ex. Taxco Mexican silver, action figures, classic National Geographics) or even just a good eye for quality, visit private sales early and often to find unexpected deals.

Go to police auctions. You can find incredible deals here, and though may not be able to resell a car that was involved in a serious crime, you can probably find some spectacularly cheap jewelry that someone else would be happy to buy off you.

Flip houses or apartments. If you are a handy(wo)man with great design sense, a knowledge of what's valuable in the construction of a home, and assets you're willing to play with, consider buying, fixing up, and reselling real estate. This requires quite a bit of up-front cash and elbow grease, but the payoff can be big.

Friday, August 28, 2015

How To Make Money In GTA Online

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to learn to play the drums. I've always loved the drums. Whenever I listen to music, I hear the drums first. I can listen to a great jazz drummer like Art Blakey for hours on end. I'd give up almost anything to be as good as Glenn Kotche of Wilco.

Hi, The idea is not to spam but to make a little in return for the links you already provide in your Instructable. I often show my viewers where they can purchase the supplies needed to complete projects. I usually place a link to where I purchased and an alternative link for cheaper items. Many 'ibles have video links for their projects, why not get paid? I don't want to offend anyone with spam, that's for sure. Thanks for commenting.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How To Make Money On The Side

In computer age people searching every day searching online money making opportunities for part-time which now has become full-time regular occupation for many people who are working very hard to produce this money making idea into real income. In fact, there is a whole movement on the Internet that does just that... they call it the Bum Marketing Method because you can take a bum off the street, take him into a library with an Internet connection and have him making money in a few hours.

The company announced a new Nintendo Creators Program today that will offer YouTube creators 60 percent of all advertising revenue from videos with Nintendo content, or 70 percent of ad revenue for videos from channels only focused on Nintendo.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Making Ideas That Work

Well if you do what I'm doing, you could have multiple $20 payments being sent directly to your very own account every single day from now on. Plenty of people would happily hire someone to cut back their Manzanita forest or wade into a pond and break apart their water-lily thicket, meaning you can make money from both gathering and selling your product.

I found one for a genealogy site that wants someone to do research in their county and then write reports for their customers, one that wants a writer to read their book and just give an opinion, one blogging for a newspaper and more.

Monday, August 24, 2015

How To Make Money From Home

If you have a knack for coming up with cool, unusual and memorable names, domains or slogans - here is a chance to turn your talents into cash. Quick hint, buy diabetic testing supplies on Craigslist and sell them on ebay, a great way to make money as odd as it sounds. Because people will first be skeptical, buy a fair amount, they are sold as individually wrapped chews in packs of 10 or 12 for about $1.50, and give everyone a free 2 pieces.  You will easily be able to sell this for about $2.50 to $3.00 a pack and make a killing.  Good car detailers get paid around $200, so if you can do even a decent job you should make $50 per detailing.

Assuming you don't live in a mob infested area where all the cash businesses are controlled, go ahead a buy a pinball machine or deer hunter game and you could make some great money.  Then one day a week drop by the place with the key and collect your easy money.  Investing in stocks has been my most successful money making method; however, this only works well once you have already amassed some dough.