Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How To Make Money On The Side

In computer age people searching every day searching online money making opportunities for part-time which now has become full-time regular occupation for many people who are working very hard to produce this money making idea into real income. In fact, there is a whole movement on the Internet that does just that... they call it the Bum Marketing Method because you can take a bum off the street, take him into a library with an Internet connection and have him making money in a few hours.

The company announced a new Nintendo Creators Program today that will offer YouTube creators 60 percent of all advertising revenue from videos with Nintendo content, or 70 percent of ad revenue for videos from channels only focused on Nintendo.

Nintendo won't pay out any of the ad money until two months after monthly viewing numbers are counted for the video, and the company will have to review” every video before approving it for use in the program.

It's not clear whether that means the video will be held from release to viewers on YouTube, or if it just means that creators won't know if they'll get any money until after their video has been reviewed.

Now, the question you might be asking next is, "How come some internet marketers make hundreds while others make just a few dollars?" Always remember that trying to earn an income on the web is an online business.