Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Making Money Is Killing Your Business, A Book By Chuck Blakeman

It is too easy for those who run free schools and academies to make money out of them, the head of a teaching union warned today.

I'm happy to share some of the systems I spent over a million dollars developing so you can make more money — and slash your workload, save months or years of frustration, and skyrocket your success — much faster than you'd imagine. For FREE. Why? I give away 98% of my material, and I know that by helping you achieve Big Wins and making my free material better than anyone else's paid products, you'll join thousands of other readers who've gained so much that they became students for life.

My team and I have spent over 10 years refining our money-making systems so you can get results faster. It won't happen overnight, and it will take work (never trust someone who promises instant results without work)… but you'll have the exact roadmap so you can quickly join thousands of students who've used my systems to learn how to make more money, get more freedom, and more fun for the rest of their lives.

I've never felt more invigorated and alive than I feel right now. And it's not because I'm doing well financially (although that helps). It's because I've made my living by helping other people earn more money, share their passions, and learn how to achieve mastery.

Have you ever read a frugal living blog? Some of these people spend hours making their own laundry detergent and cutting coupons to save $10, maybe $20. They aren't interested in making more money because they've found hundreds of ways to chip away at their excess” spending.

People who live frugally will wait 5 months to check out a movie from the library, so they can save a few bucks versus going to the theater. They pass up seeing the movie on opening night with their friends, then yell when their friends accidentally tell them a spoiler. Half a year later, they mention the movie over drinks. Crickets.

At a bar with friends? Say no to another round of drinks, they tell you. You shouldn't even order a second drink — don't you know they cost less money at home? And forget about buying a round for your friends and hanging out till the bar closes, then taking a cab to the after party.