Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Make Money Fast From The New 'Sharing Economy'

If your business is not using eBay and other Internet auctions, you could be missing out.  Though I was not as badly off as you, I did end up making decent money by using other ways of making money online, without really investing in anything other than a laptop and an internet connection(both of which I already had anyway!).

I brokered mailing lists and mail services for years.. The angle of selling things for private parties is a fast way to generate some cash, and could easily lead to all types of opportunities, especially to those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you are marketing yourself as a 'sellers assistant', the the seller will expect, and appreciate it when you handle the entire transaction - Agree on your commission in the beginning - then you are free to make the sale, and hand the seller the cash.

The handicapping business has been flooded with 1-900-rip-offs, "boiler room" sales offices and those recorded free pick phones that get your phone number so that one of their high pressure salesman can call back and hound you on a daily basis.

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