Thursday, April 16, 2015

How To Make Money Blogging

YouTube is hoping to stack its deck with YouTube Cards, a new tool for video creators that will help provide a more interactive experience for users. The new feature for enhanced video publishing should also provide enterprising content creators with some more dynamic ways to either get noticed or make some money.

You might be surprised at what you can live without and what you don't really need as soon as you start making conscious decisions about what you put in your shopping basket or accept from others. As soon as you get into the habit of asking yourself whether you need something every time you pick an item up, you are sure to start reaping the savings benefits thereof,” concludes Sibiya.

I will guide you to the resources I use, as well as other avenues for additional income. The main way I make money is through Google applications. If you don't already have a Google profile, now would be a great time to create one. I will also share instructions on creating online stores through other sites.

The first key to creating extra revenue from your Instructable project is to have a compelling Idea, something that others will build or enjoy looking at. This part is really the hardest because you can't always predict what your audience desires. I have found that projects I thought would be featured and receive a ton of views have actually fallen flat, while other projects receive a bunch of views and praise.

Nice write-up. My teenage son embeds monetized videos into every instructable (his and mine). The money he makes is small but he enjoys watching it come in everyday. It does take a decent amount of effort to document AND video every project so it has to be something you enjoy doing. He also adds the link to the instructable in the youtube description. This allows others searching on youtube to be steered back to instructables - secondary views! Other hints: add links to your instructables to social media sites like Pinterest, Hometalk, Gentlemint, Reddit, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Forums, etc. This will increase your views - you can also check the instructables stats to see how well your links worked.

Belsey, I have been wondering the same for a very long time. Do a search on Google and you will find all sorts of estimates. A typical number I see a lot is about $5.00 per 1000 views. For a long time I thought of not placing ads to not bother my viewers but pretty much everybody shooting similar videos than mine have them, so why not? At the moment I have made like $15 in about 7 years of videoing. Heck, I am getting ready to retire!

Hi Belsey, Making videos is something I really enjoy so it's not a bother for me. Monetizing my videos through Adsense brings me an average of about $.56 a day. It's not much but it is an extra income. Some days I have received as much as $2.00. Most of my videos contain in video ads and not the beginning ad you have to click out of, that way I don't lose my viewer from the beginning.