Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Make Money From Home

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Marks & Spencer offers a £5 gift voucher to spend in store when you spend £35 if you donate unwanted M&S clothes to your local Oxfam. It's great if you're a regular M&S shopper, and it helps to reduce the estimated one million tonnes of clothes that go to landfill each year. The scheme also covers soft furnishings, including bed linen, towels, cushions, curtains and throws.

There are several energy grant schemes available, depending on your circumstances, that could help you to achieve long term financial savings on your heating and energy costs through projects such as cavity wall insulation , loft insulation and heating controls.

The biggest challenge, after successfully growing your produce is finding a place to sell it. You could set up a stall in your front garden, local fĂȘte or local allotment association sale, or a school event. You could even contact local farmers to see if they'll sell your produce in their farm shop.

With Amazon you list an item for sale, setting your own price. When it sells, Amazon receives an 75p completion fee, plus closing fee of 15% of the sale price. Pre-set delivery charges are also collected from the buyer, which you will receive as postage credit, minus a variable fee to Amazon.

Buyers will expect to pick products up at knock-down prices, but car boot sales are a good opportunity to bulk-sell items unlikely to sell individually online. You can find your nearest car boot sale by visiting the online car boot sale directory Car Boot Junction. Your profit will depend on the products you're selling, but remember to factor in the cost of pitching your vehicle, which is usually between £5 and £20.

Don't throw away unwanted items - you'll be throwing away the potential of earning some extra money along with it. Selling stuff through online auctions rather than throwing things away can make you money, save on potential transport removal costs and reduce the amount of waste you're sending to landfill each year.