Saturday, April 25, 2015

Outsourced CFO And Controllership Services

Reading the blurbs on the dust jacket of Lauren Owen's first novel — from such luminaries as Kate Atkinson, Hilary Mantel and Tana French — readers might think they're about to embark on a highhanded version of the Gothic novel, full of metafictions and literary allusions. These do appear, along with some beautiful language, but by Page 100, when the first neck is about to be bitten, The Quick” drops its cloak and becomes a good old-fashioned vampire novel.

That's probably one of the reasons you decided to sign up for QuickBooks Payments: You need mobile access to your accounting data because you make sales away from the office. But you're about to find out that your Anytime/Anywhere Income monthly fee can have even greater impact on your company's profits.

It's the rare businessperson who doesn't have opportunities to make sales away from the office or retail store. In the past, you might have accepted a check and penned a receipt on a piece of paper, which meant you had to record the payment once you returned. That also meant inconvenience, extra work, and a not-so-professional image.

Intuit GoPayment solves those problems. You - and up to 49 other users — simply download the app on your iOS or Android mobile device. You can then record payments wherever you are. Either type in your customer's bank card information or swipe the card using the free reader. Your customers can choose to have receipts texted or emailed to them.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to having a QuickBooks Payment account is the ability to accept credit card payments from within QuickBooks. Once you've been approved, you'll need to make sure that QuickBooks is set up to support this activity. Go to Edit Preferences and click on the Payments link, then Company Preferences.

But you know that that's not really possible with financial software. Intuit does a great job of moving you through the early stages as quickly as possible, but point of sale software requires that you build a solid base before you start ringing up sales.

You shouldn't have any trouble filling in the blank fields under the first tab, Receipt. You'll enter the information that you want to have appear on receipts that customers receive. It's not necessary to complete every field. When you're done, click Next.